InfraSolution covers all aspects from basic rack access control and monitoring to usage across an Ethernet TCP/IP network.

The Infra 2200 package is a LAN solution that allows 200 cabinets to be connected using an InfraBox in each cabinet. This is expandable to 800 cabinets with matrix user software access. The centralized GUI software for management allows up to eight simultaneous users to access and control different cabinet SmartCard locking handles potentially in remote locations over a WAN / IP network. Access status is monitored and sent to the administrator via e-mail, SNMP, or SMS.

The Infra 2400 package has all the above features plus an additional 8 X RJ45 expansion ports. This allows the user to control or monitor the PDUs and / or controllable fan units etc. Typically you can monitor PDUs amperage as well as remotely switching power sockets on and off via IP. There are also 2 X RJ11 ports that provide an interface for digital temperature and humidity sensors. Rack access, PDU status and environmental conditions can also be monitored and electronically communicated.

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