Digital signage is a growth industry, using the flexibility of motion graphics to deliver powerful advertising messages
and information tools. The most stable form of signage system relies upon central playout devices delivering video
signals via CAT5 or higher cable.

The AdderLink AV series of products have been specifically designed to deliver bright, accurate video with full
saturation and crisp digital audio up to 300 meters from the signal source.

AdderLink AV200

Audio/Video RS232 Extender - Distribute crisp, clear and bright VGA, CD quality audio and transparent RS232 from
a single PC to 64 screens up to 300m/1000ft from a play out device. For Digital Signage extension, Media Streaming
and digital-out-of-home advertising applications.

AdderLink AV100

Audio/Video Extender - The AdderLink AV Series is a range of audiovisual extenders delivering high video resolutions
and superb quality audio up to 300m using standard CAT5 or higher cable.

AdderLink X-DVI

The AdderLink X-DVI is the first DVI extender to transmit full DVI video, extended profile DDC EDID as well as USB
keyboard and mouse over a single CAT 6 cable

AdderLink IPEPS

KVM over IP - the AdderLink IPEPS product is part of Adder”¦s ”„IPEPS”¦ (IP Engine per Server) concept that delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to computer management.

AdderLink X50

CAT5 VGA, USB Extender - Ideal for interactive applications: Fully featured, fully transparent low/full speed USB, high
quality video and 44.1kHz digital stereo audio extender over a single CATx cable. AdderLink X50s have been designed
for use in applications where computers can have their USB peripherals including keyboards and mice, high quality
video and audio control extended up to 50m (150 ft.)

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