KVM and extension technologies are used commonly throughout broadcast infrastructure. Adder Broadcast KVM and Extension devices can be found from content origination and post production through to control room scenarios.

ADDERLink extension products are designed specifically to carry video and audio signals in a pure manner without
loss of signal quality. Extenders allow you to relocate noisy machinery, or even share (using KVM) the expensive
machinery found in busy production environments. By relocating PC's and similar equipment, the machines can be
kept in an environment suited to their optimal running performance, further extending the life of the tools you rely upon.


AdderLink INFINITY: Pure digital media extension over IP. Featuring Full DVI, Digital Audio, USB True Emulation,
Network Multicast, Device Switching and EPG style user interface

AdderView PRO Multi Screen AV4PRO-DVI-MS

The AdderView Pro is a professional grade KVMA switch delivering ultimate flexibility for users who wish to share
high resolution screens and modern USB peripherals between a multiplicity of computers.
Supports Dual Link DVI-I, Dual-Head, Triple-Head, Quad-Head.

AdderView PRO

Professional DVI, USB 8 port switch with USB True Emulation Technology. The AdderView Pro is a professional
grade KVMA switch delivering ultimate flexibility for users who wish to share a high resolution screen and modern
USB peripherals between a multiplicity of computers

AdderLink X-DVI

The AdderLink X-DVI is the first DVI extender to transmit full DVI video, extended profile DDC EDID as well as USB
keyboard and mouse over a single CAT 6 cable

AdderView CATx

The AdderView CATx is a secure, KVM via CATx switch that provide 4 concurrent local, remote or global users with
BIOS-level control of up to 24 multi platform servers or computers.

AdderLink X2 Gold

The AdderLink X2-Gold, (part of the AdderLink X Series range), extends very high quality video, keyboard, mouse,
transparent, high speed RS232 and digital audio up to 300m (1000ft) over Category 5 or higher UTP cable.
The AdderLink X2-Gold has been designed to provide industry leading video clarity, audio quality, compatibility and
high rack densities.

AdderLink X2 (MS) Multi Screen

The AdderLink X2-MultiScreen extends two or four very high quality video signals, together with keyboard and mouse
signals, multiple RS232 signals and high quality audio up to 300m/1000ft over Category 5 or higher twisted pair cable.

AdderLink X USB

Using state-of-the-art Extreme USBTM technology, the X-USB enables all USB 1.1 compatible devices to be extended
over 120 meters of CATx (x=3,4,5,5e,6) cable. The same cable carries high definition video signals at resolutions up to
1600 x 1200 and advanced finely adjustable cable equalisation ensures a sharp picture quality

AdderLink X100

AdderLink X100s have been designed for use in applications where keyboard, mouse, high quality video and audio
needs to be extended no more than 100m (330ft) over category 5 or higher UTP cable.

AdderView Prism

The AdderView Prism is a compact 'reverse KVM switch' that enables you to connect multiple KVM (Keyboard, Video
monitor and Mouse) consoles to a single computer or KVM Switch. Connecting the Prism to a computer expands the
number of KVM console connections, allowing you to control your computer from up to four different locations.
The Prism is also ideal for connecting to the front end of KVM switches to increase the number of consoles that can
share access to the switch.

SmartView Multiscreen

The SmartView Multiscreen expands the horizons of computer control by adding multiple monitor support to an
advanced KVM switch. The SmartView range of KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor, Mouse) switches are known for their
robust and reliable operation and have been trusted by many to provide problem free control of multiple computers.
The Multiscreen is a new concept in KVM switches and enables you to benefit from all the convenience of the proven SmartView switches whilst taking advantage of the multiple monitor facilities available on many modern computers.

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