Erases Hard Disks and Other Magnetic Media in One Fast Operation!

  • Recharging time after erasure approximately 17 second! *1
    JPT-MW-15000 recharging time within 17 seconds and data erased within 0.1 second, which is one of the fastest speeds.
  • HDD in their mounting racks can be inserted in the chamber as is
    HDD removed from a server and still in their mounting clamps can be inserted into the chamber of JPT-MW-25000. *2
  • Magnetic erasure of perpendicular magnetic recording hard disks
    The method and field strengths used in all of the MagWiper products has been shown by testing using a magnetic force microscope (MFM) before and after erasure to completely erase a current mainstream large-capacity perpendicular magnetic recording hard disk. Regardless of capacity or interface type, even a hard disk that has physically failed can be completely erased within 0.1 sec.
  • Erases tapes and magnetic recording media
    MagWipers can also be used to erase cartridge tapes such as LTO/DDS/DAT/DLT/CMT/9940/3592, AIT, VHS, FD and other magnetic recording media.

LCD displays “Erasure Complete” --------------MFM (Magnetic Force Microscope) Test Results

The LCD displays the “Erasure Complete” message showing total number of erasures and magnetic field intensity in: Oe(Oersted).

2.5 inch Hitachi Model HGST-HTS545050B9A300 PMR HDD A comparison of MFM images showing magnetic recording media before and after erasure.*4

*1  JPT-MW-15000 recharging time:17 sec, JPT-MW-25000 recharging time: 20 sec.  
*2  Maximum Media Dimensions JPT-MW-25000: 131 (W) x 109 (H) x 263 (D). If media size exceeds this, please remove the mounting clamp in order to fit the media into the chamber.  
*3  Unit erases magnetic recording media only.
*4  Tested at the Tohoku University Electrical Communication Laboratory.

ADC MagWiper Features
Extra Safety and Simple Operation

Simple Operation: Only need to push the “Erase” button.
Flux Density Display: The unit contains a magnetic flux density display which can be used to confirm that the magnetic flux density required for complete data erasure is being used.
Malfunction Alarm: If the magnetic flux density drops below a specified value, an alarm LED lights to give warning.
Operating Indicator: A flashing light can be seen at the edge of the chamber door during erasing, visually confirming that the magnetic field has been generated.
Cooling Function: The cooling fan runs continuously during operation.

¡°Note: Data erased by this product cannot be recovered. Also, because the servo signal is erased, hard disks and tapes that contain recorded servo signals cannot be reused. ¡°Do not operate near pregnant woman, implanted pacemakers, or defibrillators


* In the past, magnetic recording was mainly done using the in-plane recording method. However, the perpendicular recording method is now used for high capacity magnetic media. Magnetic characteristics are difference for these two types of memory. * Recharging time and power source vary by location.


Other MagWiper Products

A large MagWiper, JPT-MW-30000, is available with a chamber large enough to accept most laptop computers or several HDD and/or tapes. The media can be of any type or capacity.


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- JPT-MW-15000 / 25000
- JPT-MW-30000

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